162nd Wing Recognizes Year’s Finest

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Allan Henson, Director of Safety, MSHA, OSHA and DOT for McCraren Compliance, received the prestigious honor of being awarded 162nd Electrical/Environmental Drill Status Guardsman of the Year Award.  Many of our clients know Allan as both a top safety trainer and as an expert in Fleet, Equipment and Driver safety and compliance.  Allan spends most of his days creating safer workplaces but devotes his time outside of work towards securing safety and freedom for all of our citizen through his 25+ years of military service.  Allan served active duty for Navy, and has been a member of the National Guard even since leaving active duty.  Allan’s commitment to his country, his community and to safety is evident in both what he brings to work everyday and through his many honors and accomplishments.

McCraren Compliance is grateful to have Allan leading us in safety and in service to our country.  Congratulations Allan.