Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other


May 17: Stand Down to Save Lives

Original article published by MSHA

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Photo: Mine Safety and Health Administration

Many accidents can be prevented with just a few minutes – or seconds – of precaution. The Stand Down to Save Lives is an opportunity for mine owners and operators to share safety measures that can prevent injuries and deaths. Host a toolbox talk, a discussion on common hazards, conduct workplace and equipment examinations, or provide longer training sessions.

Keep these best practices in mind as you Take Time, Save Lives:

OWNERS/OPERATORS: How can you improve safety and health programs, equipment, and hazard reporting to make them more effective?

SUPERVISORS: How can you improve training and examinations? Have you addressed any concerns raised prior to your shift?

MINERS: Do you have properly fitting protective equipment and are you fully trained on any you are operating?

Tell us about your Stand Down to Save Lives trainings and other events!

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McCraren Compliance offers many opportunities in safety training to help circumvent accidents. Please take a moment to visit our calendar of classes to see what we can do to help your safety measures from training to consulting.