MSHA Fatality #18

MINE FATALITY ALERT – On September 5, 2019, a continuous mining machine helper was fatally injured when he was struck by a battery-powered scoop. The victim was in the #3 entry behind a wing curtain that provided ventilation to the #3 right crosscut being mined. The scoop was trammed through the #3 left crosscut and struck the victim as it made a right-hand turn and passed through the wing curtain.

scene of accident where the victim was struck by a battery-powered scoop
Best Practices:
  • Install and maintain proximity detection systems on mobile section equipment.
  • Before operating mobile equipment, inform miners of your travel route – especially if changes are being made. Proceed with caution and watch for miners on foot.
  • STOP and SOUND an audible warning device before tramming equipment through ventilation curtains.
  • STAY ALERT around mobile section equipment. Communicate your presence and intended movements to equipment operators.
  • Use transparent curtains for ventilation controls on working sections.
  • Be aware that noise can cause moving equipment to not be heard.