MSHA’s Final Rule on Examinations of Working Places in Metal and Nonmetal Mines

Effective Date

MSHA is delaying the effective date of the final rule from May 23, 2017 to October 2, 2017. This extension offers additional time for MSHA to provide stakeholders training and compliance assistance. The extension notice will be published in the Federal Register on Monday, May 22, 2017. It is available for viewing at the Office of the Federal Register.

The final rule improves miners’ safety and health by requiring mine operators to: (1) conduct working place examinations to identify hazards before work begins in an area, (2) notify affected miners of hazardous conditions that are not corrected immediately; and (3) record the locations examined, the adverse conditions found, and the date of the corrective action.

MSHA is developing a variety of compliance assistance materials to assist the industry, which the agency will make available to stakeholders and post on the website at