Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other


Safety Leadership – New Series

The McCraren Compliance Team have worked together to determine what single area of focus will have the greatest impact towards meeting our purpose of creating workplaces (communities) where we all watch out for each other. Through these efforts we identified #SAFETYLEADERSHIP as the underlying set of behaviors needed to positively influence safety culture and therefore safety outcomes.

For the last couple of years we have internally been viewing all of our services through a Safety Leadership lens. We deliberately made this shift as when we sat down and discussed what do we ultimately want each client and each person to walk away with after receiving training or consulting services from McCraren Compliance and it was to use the knowledge to influence the people and the environments where they are each and every day to also focus on #SAFETYLEADERSHIP. In short, we want to create safety influencers, who will contribute to solid safety cultures which inspire safety leaders across all levels of any size organization.

The next step in transitioning our operating activities to align with these objectives is to more overtly share tools, tips and concepts with our greater network and community partners. Each month we will dedicate a blog post and Safety News article to sharing this information with you. This post will serve as both an introduction and the inaugural installation of our #SAFETYLEADERSHIP series.

What to expect in future installments:

  • Industry Successes (what’s working for other organizations)
  • Understanding and Influencing Behavior
  • Productive Methods for Assessing and Analyzing Failures
  • Simple (which doesn’t always mean easy) Solutions AKA Hacks
  • New and Exciting Safety Trends
  • Shared Learnings (our own and from other industry partners)
  • Worker Wellbeing
  • Leveraging Safety to Improve Employee Engagement

What else have we put in place to create #SAFETYLEADERSHIP:

  • Our Teams offering which provides all the benefits of a dedicated team of safety experts without the costs and complexity of hiring.
  • Partnering with International Board of Environmental Health and Safety to offer Industry Specific Certifications
  • Expanding our Services to include Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Expertise
  • Aligning our audit/inspection tools and processes to #SAFETYLEADERSHIP inspired practices
  • Assessing how well we are internally living our company values
  • Implementing a formal professional development program to ensure we practice what we preach

We are one community with a common goal of the health of our people. We look forward to your thoughts, input and feedback.