March is National Ladder Safety Month

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National Ladder Safety Month Marketing Guide: Our voice is stronger together. Help Us spread our message.

Last year, our National Ladder Safety Month message reached millions of people, and with your help this year, it can reach even more.

Thank you for your support of the 2023 National Ladder Safety Month! We have developed this marketing kit to help you promote the value of this important program and spread the word to your network.

This guide was created for you and can be used in conjunction with one another or on their own. Our goal is to make amplifying our message as easy and empowering as possible.

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McCraren Compliance offers many opportunities in safety training to help circumvent accidents. Please take a moment to visit our calendar of classes to see what we can do to help your safety measures from training to consulting.

March is National Ladder Safety Month

March is National Ladder Safety Month

Every year more than 100 workers are fatally injured and thousands suffer disabling injuries in ladder-related incidents. In March, the American Ladder Institute is sponsoring its annual National Ladder Safety Month to promote ladder safety at work and home. OSHA will be participating in two symposiums on March 13 in Houston, Texas, (register to attend in person or via live webcast) and March 19 in Arlington, Texas, (register to attend in person or via live webcast).