Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other


Audit email is a scam, FMCSA warns motor carriers


Photo: Jerome Maurice/iStockphoto

Washington — The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says scammers are sending “very convincing” emails that look like an agency notification to schedule a safety audit.

In a recently published alert, FMCSA calls attention to the URL in the fraudulent email, which appears to be from the agency’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) system. The scammers’ goal is to acquire personal information that would grant the sender access to an FMCSA account.

“Communications relating to safety audits will typically come directly from an FMCSA-dedicated mailbox, or from the entity within the state that has been assigned the responsibility to conduct the safety audit,” FMCSA says. “While these emails typically end in a ‘.gov,’ we encourage our stakeholders and customers to verify any email or communication they feel to be suspicious with the appropriate agency or contact your FMCSA Division Office directly to clarify.”

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Original article published by  the National Safety Council