Commercial Driver Safety Training

Commercial Driver Safety Training

Keep drivers and equipment on the road, at the job site, servicing customers and meeting deadlines with training and compliance services with McCraren Compliance.

We offer a full comprehensive line up to your Transportation Compliance needs.

• Full DOT Compliance Services
• DRUG & Alcohol Programs
• Driver Qualification Files
• Background Screening
• MVR’s
• Safety Training Programs
• Mock DOT Audits
• DOT Truck Inspection Reporting
• Assistance with the New Drug Clearing House

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How do you know if you must comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations and what exactly does that mean to your business?

Year after year, the number one cause of workplace injuries and fatalities are vehicle-related. Therefore keeping our people safe on the roadways should always be a priority—the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the risk. As you use public roadways, your risk and that of the driver's expands to the public as well. As a business, you cannot control who is on the roads with your drivers and company vehicles. However, you can assist in making the environment of the roads a safer place by meeting regulation standards and complying with training and certification. This is where McCraren Compliance becomes an asset to you, your business and your staff.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's mission is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving commercial vehicles.

FMCSA, along with the Arizona and Federal Departments of Transportation, provide oversite and enforcement to more than just vehicles requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL) to operate.