Everything You Need to Be OSHA Compliant

Everything you Need to Be OSHA Compliant

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Our health and safety professionals are able to use their expertise to customize your compliance needs in a manner that makes injury prevention efforts more effective. We can provide you with OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Authorized training as well help you meet your Annual OSHA Safety Training needs. We are also able to help you recover from poorly managed or neglected safety and health programs. Our OSHA Authorized professionals are especially skilled in this area and are ready to handle large and small tasks.

Traditional Safety and Health Services

  • OSHA safety and health training
  • Compliance audits
  • Mock OSHA audits
  • Procedure development and implementation
  • Program evaluations to determine effectiveness
  • Supervisor and manager training
  • Leadership training

Prevent Workplace Violence

Workplace violence has remained among the top four causes of death at work for over fifteen years and it impacts thousands of workers and their families annually. In 2010, it was identified as the second leading cause of workplace deaths overall and the leading cause for death for women in the workplace. OSHA recognizes it as an occupational hazard and like other safety issues, it can be avoided or minimized if employers take appropriate precautions. OSHA strongly encourages employers to take proactive steps in preventing workplace violence, per the General Duty Clause 5(a)(1).

McCraren Compliance assists employers in protecting their workers, starting with a comprehensive Work-site Analysis, Hazard Prevention, Controls, and Safety & Health Training.

OSHA Training Classes

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