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Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other


CVSA Releases 2023 International Roadcheck Results

On May 16-18, 59,429 commercial motor vehicles were inspected in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 72-hour International Roadcheck inspection and enforcement initiative. Eighty-one percent of the commercial motor vehicles and 94.5% of the commercial motor vehicle drivers inspected did not have any out-of-service violations and continued en route to safely complete their runs.


Photo: CVSA

Commercial motor vehicles without any critical vehicle inspection violations are eligible to receive a CVSA decal. During this year’s International Roadcheck, decals were applied to 14,032 power units, 5,814 trailers and 305 motorcoaches/buses, for a total of 20,151 decals throughout North America.

Conversely, CVSA-certified inspectors discovered at least one out-of-service violation on 19% of the vehicles inspected and, in turn, removed those 11,270 commercial motor vehicles from roadways until the out-of-service (OOS) violations were corrected. There were 17,479 vehicle out-of-service violations in total.

Inspectors also restricted 5.5% (3,256) of the commercial motor vehicle drivers inspected who were found to have at least one out-of-service driver violation, as identified in the CVSA North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria, from operating their vehicle. Those drivers were restricted from commercial travel until their out-of-service violations were addressed. There were 5,280 driver out-of-service violations in total.

A total of 116,669 violations were identified throughout the effort, which included all driver and vehicle out-of-service violations and violations that were not out of service, combined.

Each year, CVSA highlights certain aspects of the roadside inspection. This year, inspectors focused on anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement. There were 2,975 cargo securement violations and 4,127 ABS violations – four were discovered on motorcoaches, 1,426 on power units and 2,697 on trailers.

Note: Not all cargo securement violations are out-of-service violations. The cargo securement total noted above is for all cargo securement violations – out-of-service and non-out-of-service violations combined. The cargo securement violations in table 1 are out-of-service cargo securement violations only. In addition, ABS violations are not out-of-service violations, which is why those violations are not included in table 1.  

A total of 949 safety belt violations were issued during this year’s International Roadcheck. Meaning, 1.6% of commercial motor vehicle drivers inspected were not wearing their safety belt.

Inspectors also checked commercial motor vehicles carrying hazardous materials/dangerous goods (HM/DG) to ensure they were being transported safely and compliant with federal regulations. During International Roadcheck, 2,853 HM/DG inspections were performed, and inspectors discovered 236 HM/DG-related out-of-service violations.

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Original article published by CVSA