Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other


Machinery – Safety Alert

Ten Machinery Fatal Accidents 

Ten machinery accidents occurred.  These fatal accidents involved three bulldozers, a haul truck tire’s locking ring that dislodged and struck a miner, and the side plate of a shaker screen that fell during disassembly and struck a miner.  It also includes two truck drivers who were fatally struck, and three miners who were struck while equipment lifts were being performed.

(Left to Right) Shaker screen disassembly. Bulldozer rolled down an embankment. Locking Ring dislodged from truck wheel. Bulldozer rolled down an embankment.
Photo property of MSHA
Best Practices
  • Maintain equipment in safe operating condition.
  • Examine work areas prior to beginning work and operating heavy equipment.
  • Operate equipment on stable ground and away from hazards.
  • Maintain control of equipment and stay alert.
  • Always wear seatbelts: remain inside the cab; never attempt to jump clear; consider the use of four-point seat belt systems and new technology that provides early warning of tipping.
  • Provide adequate means to prevent locking rings (rims) from creating a hazard. Use tire cages and deflate tires before conducting repairs.
  • Train miners to safely perform task.

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Original article published by MSHA