Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Powered Haulage Accidents – Safety Alert

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First published by MSHA

Stop Powered Haulage Accidents: Stay Alert!  Stay Alive!

  • Fatalities and accidents involving mobile equipment: shuttle cars, scoops, locomotives, front end loaders, haulage equipment, service and pickup trucks continue to occur at a disproportionate high rate.
Powered Haulage Accidents
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Best Practices:
  • Know where in the workplace others are and communicate with them: use radios, mirrors, cameras, headlights, strobe warning lights, horns, and buggy-whip flags.  Stay clear of mobile equipment blind spots.
  • Set mobile equipment parking brakes and chock the wheels when vehicles are unattended:  Don’t stand, walk or work directly downhill of parked vehicles.  Stay clear of moving vehicles.
  • Establish safe traffic patterns and rules: post signage, ensure rules are followed, adhere to speed limits and approach intersections with caution.
  • Use proximity detection/collision avoidance systems.
  • Ensure that seat belts are maintained in good condition and worn at all times.
  • Ensure that conveyors are deenergized, locked, tagged and blocked against motion before removing guards or beginning work.

*Make sure miners and mine operators are trained in best practices.

McCraren Compliance offers many opportunities in safety training to help circumvent accidents. Please take a moment to visit our calendar of classes to see what we can do to help your safety measures from training to consulting.