Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

Creating workplaces where we all watch out for each other

MSHA – Mine Fatality #30

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First published by MSHA

MINE FATALITY – On October 20, 2021, a 50-year-old mechanic with 12 years of experience was fatally injured when he was struck by the bucket of an excavator while assisting in repositioning a hopper.

Accident scene where
Photo property of MSHA
Best Practices:
  • Never position yourself between mobile equipment and a stationary object.
  • Do not work in pinch points where inadvertent movement could cause injury.
  • Carefully inspect and secure the pins in an excavator’s bucket before each use.
  • Before beginning work, analyze all tasks, establish safe work procedures, train miners, and eliminate hazards.  Be alert for hazards that may be created while the work is performed.
  • Identify and apply methods to protect personnel from hazards associated with the work performed.
  • Monitor all employees to ensure safe work procedures, including safe work positioning, are followed.
Additional Information:

This is the 30th fatality reported in 2021, and the 5th classified as “Machinery”

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